Meghalaya 2002


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Participants on the US expedition:

Leader: Mike Zawada

Team members: Scott Linn, Todd Warren, David Kohuth, Paul Fowler, Gosia Allison-Kosior, Stan Allison, Steve Kumpf, Steve Smith, Barbara am Ende

Local members: Kyn-Tiew-Bor "War" War, Brian D.Kharpran Daly, Batkupar "Bat" Lyngdoh, "Toki" Franklyn Dkhas, Lindsay B. Diengdoh, Shelley Diengdoh, Andy Tyler, Vijay Thapa, Ranjit Baidya

Other folks associated with the project: Adora Thabah, Addison Thabah, Mita Das


Dogwood City Grotto
Southern Colorado Mountain Grotto

Khasi-English Cave Name Tranlations

An aside: Photographs of Singh's India Through an Ambassador Automobile

NEW! - Profile with walls (draft):

Profile of Junction Cave (Krem Lad Phud Khongpong)

MAPS (line plots):

Rock Slab Cave (Krem Maw Tynhiang)

Junction Cave (Krem Lad Phud Khongpong)


Woo hoo! New photos from David Kohuth (and still more coming soon!)

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Krem Maw Tyniang - Rockslab Cave

Rockslab Entrance Rockslab Entrance The Mother Sink

JC Steve in Rockslab Toki & Barbara Rockslab Surveying in Rockslab

Lyndsey in Rockslab Andy in Rockslab Mike in Rockslab Barbara in Rockslab

Krem Phud Maw Iong - Black Stone River Cave

Todd at Black Rock Hanging Bat Surveying in Blackrock spider with finger for scale

Krem Maw Rang Naisaw - Stoney Batchelor Red Mouse Cave

sbrm entrance image tight lead image gosia rainbow image Spider in SBRM

Krem Phud Khongpong - Inverted Valley Cave

Surveying Inverted Valley Andy Surveying David Getting Water Mike Phud Khongpong War Phud Khongpong


Todd Phud Khongpong

crawling in junction cave crawling in junction cave Scott Rappeling Todd Rappelling

Krem Ditar

Krem Ditar Krem Ditar Guides at Krem Ditar

Dead End Pit

Todd in the Dead End Pit Todd Chimneys by the Roots Toki Climbs out of the Pit Looking up the entrance

Hairy Jungle Chop....... to a rock shelter......

Climbing a Root Jungle Little Watefall Thorny Vegetation

Meghalaya Scenes

n waterfall ss waterfall image Seven Sisters Falls

Down to Bangladesh Bangladesh at Sunset

Many Monuments Many Monuments Many Monuments King's House

Poinsettia Poinsettia Poinsettia candlelight market

From touring Barbara went on before meeting up with the cavers

Petronas Towers Down From Towers

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